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By Appointment Only
By Appointment Only
By Appointment Only
Location: Leominster, Ma.
Email: vspingola@gmail.com
Phone: (978) 449-7495  ~  Cell: (978) 790-8731

Custom Wedding Package's

If you do not see a wedding package that works for you,
just give me a call and I will be happy to make a CUSTOM WEDDING PACKAGE
to meet your needs and your  BUDGET.



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Location: Leominster, Ma.      Phone: (978) 449-7495     Cell: (978) 790-8731     Email: vspingola@gmail.com
My Philosophy of Photography and your Event
I have been a photographer most of my life, and a Professional Photographer for the last five. I am actively involved with every shot and strive for the perfect shot. I adhere to a photo journalistic approach to my photography. This means that when I photograph your event, I would rather focus on the detailed record of the event rather than focusing on too many posed shots, although posed shots are important but they do not tell the whole story.

Photographer's History
As a second generation photographer, I have been behind a camera for most of my life. My father was a professional photographer in New York City. His credentials included magazines such as Red Book, Harper's Bazaar, New York City Crime Scene, and Playboy. I learned from one of the best.
Thought for your Mind
Now there are many talented photographers who offer varying rates and services. Please consider me not because of my reasonable rates or because of a good friend referred you, but because my portfolio strikes a cord with your vision and you are comfortable with my personality and trust that I will do my best for your event.