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By Appointment Only
By Appointment Only
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Custom Wedding Package's

If you do not see a wedding package that works for you,
just give me a call and I will be happy to make a CUSTOM WEDDING PACKAGE
to meet your needs and your  BUDGET.



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Location: Leominster, Ma.      Phone: (978) 449-7495     Cell: (978) 790-8731     Email: vspingola@gmail.com
If you're searching for a photography studio experienced in commercial product photography you've come to the right place! Spingola Photography LLC delivers fast service, affordable rates, and excellent image quality with friendly personalized service!

1.Tell us about your project
Call or email and we will review the scope of your project and provide you with a photography quote. We will also answer any questions you have on the process.

2. Ship us your products
Securely pack your items and ship them directly us.

3. We unpack and schedule your shoot
We will inform you that your products have arrived. Then we will confirm that we have your correct payment information, confirm your order, schedule your shoot, and prep your products.

5. Download images
When the photos are complete, we will provide you with a password so you can access the images serverHYPERLINK "http://www.productphotography.com/pricing-delivery.html". All images are delivered in high resolution at 300 DPI and remain available for future download.

6. Return Shipment
We will securely pack up your products and arrange the return shipment. Shipping can be applied to your invoice or billed to your UPS or FedEx account. IIf you would prefer your products not be returned, we can also dispose of them at your direction.

Rates for photography projects are competitively quoted based on the specific needs of your project. Factors such as project size, product complexity, and optional features such as transparencies determine the overall cost of your project. For basic projects, we offer the following rate table as a guide.

Single Image = $100.00                             
2-4 Images = $75.00 per image
5-9 Images = $65.00 per image

10-19 Images = $60.00 per image
20-49 Images = $55.00 per image
50-99 Images = $50.00 per image
100+ Images  = $35.00 per image

What you get for your Product Shoot

Cleaning, Steaming, and other Prep
Products are gently cleaned to remove dust and lint prior to photography. We use compressed air, microfiber cloths, and special brushes designed to lift micro-dust to help ensure your products look their best for photography. Garments and fabrics are steamed to remove wrinkles and white cotton gloves are worn to prevent smudges and fingerprints on shiny surfaces.

White Background with Natural Shadow
During photography the product will cast a soft shadow onto a matte white background. We preserve this because it provides additional depth and ties the product to the white background. It's a classic look that works great with everything.

Photo Editing to Correct Dust and Minor Imperfections
Each photograph goes through careful retouching prior to final delivery. We examine and adjust color and brightness levels to ensure the proper tone and vibrant exposure. Noticeable dust, lint, or scratches that may remain are expertly removed.

Re-packing for return shipping ( carrier fees apply )
After photography, we will carefully package your products in their original packaging ensure a safe return trip. If additional boxes or packing materials are required we will provide them at no additional cost. For your convenience, return shipping charges can be applied to your UPS or FedEx shipper account. If you do not have an account, return shipping charges can be applied to your invoice.

High Resolution Image Files
We deliver all of our photographs in a high resolution 300 DPI jpeg format suitable for use on the web as well as for most print uses. Our image server also generates images in a web ready 72 DPI format for easy use without resizing. Photographs are captured at an image size of 4288x2848 pixels for an overall resolution of over 12 megapixels. (before cropping). Optionally, we are also able to deliver a maximum resolution of over 24 megapixels for demanding resolution needs such as large prints and product packaging.

Instant online delivery
Upon completion of your project, your photos will be accessible through our secure, dedicated image server. Our image server features an easy-to-use image gallery that enables you to quickly browse and download your photos in high resolution.

Fast Standard Turnaround
Most photography projects are completed approximately 1 week after we receive your products in our studio. Very large projects may require additional time. In rare cases when we have an exceptionally high workload, your project may take slightly longer. To confirm current production times please contact us!

Rush Service ( optional )
Rush turnaround is available for most projects and is subject to availability. Please note that when electing for rush service the entire project must be put on the rush timeline.